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Each of our trainers has a personal reason for being dedicated to helping others meet their fitness goals. Meet our team below!

Ben Clancy:

Ben started training in mixed martial arts in 1993. When he first began there was no direction until he started participating in amateur fights. He started teaching in 1996 and fell in love with the sports. Ben is also currently a high school art teacher. His MMA Striking classes at Knockout focus on the fundamentals of standup fighting with high intensity cardio drills. MMA teaches self defense and burns off stress. Ben never teaches the same class so his students wont get bored. He finds satisfaction watching his students learn how to overcome fear. Coach Ben also provides the opportunity for people who want to seriously pursue a career in MMA fighting. Ben believes the ultimate goal of MMA is the mind, body, and soul working as one.


Deisy is a 2nd grade teacher from Oxnard who incorporates the physical and mental aspects of training into her classroom. Her kids learn a new spar every month, as well as experiencing lots of yoga and stretching as “brain breaks.” She is educated in jujitsu, kickboxing and Capoeira, a dance focused on mastering thought. Deisy loves the outdoors and can often be found hiking, swimming, playing volleyball, and dancing the salsa.


Eugene has been a trainer for over 13 years. He has a B.S in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has through AFTA. He enjoys helping people obtain their fitness goals, specializing in lowering body-fat, stabilizing and strengthening the core and creating more muscle growth. Eugene focuses on each client’s individual needs so that they get the most out of their training.


Hugo has been boxing since he was 6 years old. When a motorcycle accident forced him to stop competing, he started training others to reach their potential. He’s a former director of the PAL program, where he’s trained several people to compete in national and international levels. He’s been training his son, national champion/local hero Hugo Centeno Jr, for 17 years. Multiple heart surgeries and weeks in a coma have not stopped Hugo from pressing on and enriching the lives of others.


Jacob teaches kickboxing mixed with cardio and conditioning. In 2012 he started practicing Muay Thai because he was bored lifting. He’s been training others for two years, embracing his lifelong interest in health, nutrition, and self-discipline. Jacob is also a deejay who hosts local events, a graphic designer, an amateur MMA fighter, and enjoys underground hardcore punk rock.


Jaime has been a trainer for 10 years, and incorporates 17 years of Marine Corps service into his training style. He strives to challenge his clients not only physically, but mentally as well. He specializes in TRX, circuit training, HIIT conditioning, and military style training, always motivating his clients to strive to the next level. He loves spending quality time with his two children, as well as working out and competing in physique competitions.

Josh Belford:

Josh is a new face in the KO family but he is highly experienced in the fitness industry. Josh is considered a fitness freak. He was raised in a small country town and at a very young age he was required to wear casts on both legs to improve his stance and movement. He practically had to learn how to walk again and once he had full control of his body there was no stopping him. Josh, a natural athlete, competed in sports throughout his school years. He went on to participate in a California football championship winning team at his high school. Josh specializes in various forms of training such as mixed martial arts, muscle gain, and weight loss.

Mike Sandoval:

Mike grew a passion for mixed martial arts when we first watched the beginning of the UFC. He was fascinated and intrigued by the way fighters were competing against each other while using their own unique styles. Mike specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his trainings practice takedowns, transitions, submissions, counters, and self defense. Mike believes martial arts increases confidence, respect, patience, value, and morals. He also teaches the kids boxing class at Knockout.

Mikey Lopez:

Mikey grew up playing sports and has grown a passion for fitness and health. He graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and still attends school pursuing higher education on rehabilitative adapted therapeutic exercise. Mikey taught the kids boxing class at Knockout for over four years. Mikey enjoys spending time outdoors, playing sports, and spending time with family. He believes with his experience and knowledge he can help anyone, at any age, with any disability.

Clarissa Contreras:

Clarissa attended the University of California at Santa Barbara studying Biology and Psychology where she was the Captain of her cheer team. She comes from a family of competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters. Clarissa's workouts consist of endurance training, strength building, body shredding, and cardio kickboxing. She is currently training to compete in a bikini fitness competition.

Jesse Mendez:

Jesse has been a Knockout member since early 2008. He is known around the gym for his relentless style of training and dedication to his health. Jesse played sports throughout his life and has always had a competitive drive to succeed. He challenges his clients to push beyond their limits so they can reach their fitness goals. Jesse is also a lifelong martial arts fan and loves to teach boxing for self defense and weight loss.

Mark Cordes:

Mark went to college to major in Kinesiology and uses what he learned to help his clients maximize their health. He played every sport growing up developing into a complete athlete. When Mark was nine his father, who inspired his passion for fitness passed away and Mark decided he would live his life as healthy as he can. Mark’s style of training is very educational for his clients also he makes his workouts fun and exciting. He has experience working with Pepperdine University and Los Angeles Rams athletics.

Nicolas Ramirez:

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